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The Alrick Mattress Mover

The Mattress Mover was developed as an "internal" product, for our installation teams - to assist with the delivery of mattresses to our clients.

It had to be lightweight, compact for transport and durable. 

It came to market, when spotted by our clients themselves, who saw this as an ideal product for their ward, portering and facilities management teams. Now refined, and more versatile than ever, the Mattress Mover has an ever-growing, faithful following within:

⇒Housekeeping Teams
⇒Facilities Management
⇒Mattress Libraries
⇒Clinical Engineering
⇒In fact anywhere that mattresses need to be moved, cleaned and stored

Available in 1, 2 and 3 mattress capacity, with or without folding handle and air pump rack
2 Capacity Trolley with Air Pump Rack
2 Mattress Capacity Trolley in "Basic Spec"
Folding Handle for Space Saving


A recipe for happiness amongst all stakeholders:

Manual Handling advisors

⇒Safer working
⇒Better back care and ergonomics
⇒Reduce injuries from bad mattress handling
Tissue viability

⇒Reduce mattress damage and premature replacement
⇒Proper mattress storage = longer life*
*Mattresses stacked horizontally, in 5 or 10+ high, will lose their density too soon
porters and housekeeping
⇒Your job just got easier and safer
⇒Never again have to clean a mattress on a bed, then place it on a dirty floor!
⇒No need to move mattresses around, stacked 10 high on a bed (possibly a 300kg load!)
infection control

⇒Hygienic, easy to clean trolley
⇒Use the mattress mover as a means to safely clean, and store mattresses, off the floor

I want to see a mattress mover!


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