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Care-Med Fighting Fit!

As we near the end of 2017, we have launched an internal campaign at Care-Med, called "Fighting Fit"!

Fighting Fit was launched at the end of July '17, as we reflected on a year that has so far surprised all of us here at Care-Med.

2017 has been a remarkable year for Care-Med, with record sales but also a year in which we have put massive reinforcements into place, operationally.

The nuts and bolts of the business, the foundation, all the activity that takes place, often unseen - in fact all the less glamourous aspects, have been:

*Surgically examined and assessed for operational fitness
*Strengthened, improved, revised 
*If an area of the business has proven superfluous, it has been eliminated
*Health checks have been put into place for every single area of the business to a forensic degree

In short, we've been getting Care-Med totally fit from the ground up, to a whole new level so we can launch off onto the next phase of growth. Our goal is to remain nimble, alert, agile and strong so that our customers can enjoy ever improving service levels and innovation.

At the same time as getting Care-Med fit, we're also dedicating ourselves personally to getting Fighting Fit, with our rudimentary but very functional, workplace gym. Staff have the use of a professional cross trainer, complete set of weights and boxing fitness products. Around 5kg have so far been eliminated by the Care-Med Fighting Fit campaign!

Contact us today and discover our voracious hunger for operational and personal fitness, all with one aim: to serve you better!

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