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Mobilise: Chairs for Advanced Rehab and Mobilisation

Our Mobilise chairs are designed to remove barriers in Critical Care, and to enable and promote Earlier Mobilisation.   
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Thekla - our flagship Advanced Rehab Chair

transfer laterally


Thekla introduces new means of mobilisation: as well as achieving tilt table therapy, seamlessly from supine, this chair will also assist in mobilisation from a seated position, meaning more patients can benefit, at an earlier stage of their rehabilitation.


Comfortable, pressure relieving and supportive cushions are used throughout Thekla, so that this versatile chair can be utilised as a tilt-in-space, specialist care chair as an integral part of the therapy pathway; there is no need to find another chair, which to sit the patient out, after tilt table  rehab has taken place.


Incredibly strong, stable and smooth in action, Thekla is an excellent means of providing tilt table therapy; consistency and measurement of treatment stages is easily achieved, with clearly visible tilt angles, on each side of the chair. Comfortable, deeply padded, velcro-free wipeclean straps are provided.

Stand-up function

Utilise this function to introduce weight bearing into the mobilisation regime. Throughout this movement, the patient is securely and comfortably strapped to the Thekla chair, ensuring safety at all times.

forward tilt

In the later stages of rehab, the forward tilt feature, enables a stand from the chair in the seated position. The footplate is extremely strong and is safe to stand on.

reassurance during tilt table therapy

The sensation of being taking from supine to upright, during the tilt table process, can be disconcerting for some; the introduction of a table, with sturdy parallel bars, can be reassuring and also provides a surface on which hand therapy can be performed.

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