FAQ’s – Sertain™ Critical Care Seating

We keep a record of Frequently Asked Questions here at Care-Med and share them with customers to make their jobs Easier, Quicker and Safer.

FAQ #1 “Why do you call your chairs “platforms for care”?

  • Because our Sertain™ chairs are more than just a chair – they are designed to cross the boundary between a bed and a chair, with features like layflat, hi-lo and removable sides. A Sertain™ is a platform for standing transfers, lateral transfers, therapy, rest and mobilisation.

FAQ #2 “Is it safe to wheel the Sertain™ chair around the hospital and even outside?

Yes of course; the chair is designed for use as a portering device and has large 150mm tracking and braking wheels. Outside is fine too as long as the surface is smooth (no grass, gravel or big kerbs please). The ability to move even critically ill patients out of the ward environment, and into the cafe or out into the fresh air, has made a huge difference to many lives since the early 90’s!

We’ve got a lot more FAQs to share with you…look out for #3 and #4 next week.

Well done Brendoncare!

Well done to the fundraising team at Brendoncare who raised over £29,000 to support their amazing clubs which perform amazing work to combat loneliness amongst older people in Hampshire and the surrounding areas. We were glad to be able to support this campaign which was part of The Big Give.

We’re on our way to Reutlingen!

We are on our way to Germany, Reutlingen to be precise.

Attending this Intensive Care Care symposium, we will be alongside our colleagues at Hanse-Medizintechnik, who we represent in the UK.

Nathan and Robert will be practicing their Deustcher Sprechen on the way over!

New website coming soon…

Here is our new WordPress website platform. Our website host carried out a major upgrade to their server last weekend, but unfortunately the data import was corrupted and the backup was unable to be properly used. However our main site in its basic form is back up and running and over the next week we will be re-populating all the pages that were lost. We thank you for your understanding and apologise for any inconvenience!