Why does length of stay matter?


The difference that early mobilisation can make, to all stakeholders involved in Acute Care is well documented:

  • Patients benefit from shortened recovery times, and increased functional strength upon discharge
  • Hospitals and staff benefit from freeing up bedspace for other patients
  • Costs are reduced with efficiency gains

Interested in seating that can help with an Early Mobilisation programme? Contact us here and we will be glad to help

Operating Theatre Efficiency – an article from BBC


We are passionate about helping theatre professionals maximise throughput and efficiency. Our area of expertise is day case procedures and the Sertain chair:

  • Saves space
  • Reduces equipment needed
  • Eliminates unnecessary transfers

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#fit2sit – reducing length of stay in the NHS

#sit2fit is an initiative by NHS Improvement – find out more here

Care-Med is a long-time supporter of innovations in efficiency, and can help hospitals looking to increase throughput with versatile seating that can replace chairs, trolleys, stretchers and beds – minimise transfers, reduce unnecessary equipment provision!