Keeping Clients Safe

Caremed is equipped with both the Medi9 fogging system and the hygiena ATP swab test system and are willing to assist any facility, within, or outside the care sector with a thorough and effective decontamination process.

Medi9 info:

  • Medi9 is certified against viruses (including coronavirus), spores, fungi, mould and bacteria
  • Medi9 is non-corrosive (unlike bleaches, acids, alcohol etc)
  • Medi9 fogging is a means to target hard to reach / frequently missed areas, including penetrating door fittings, office  and care seating, fabrics, blinds, desks, underneath bannisters / handrails, crates / boxes
  • The ATP swab test system which is highly sensitive and accurate, and an independent way to verify efficacy / before and after cleaning – this forms an integral part of the service when performed on a commercial basis

For rates and availability, please call 07848 451954 or email