What is the MHOA system of care?

It is a winning combination of our an ultra-low, ultra-simple bedframe combined with our TotalFlow Hybrid mattress system. This simple system of care was developed with Mental Health Older Adults services as a way to safely care for the needs of vulnerable and frail dementia care residents.

As you will see on the presentation below…

The Bed has

  • No complex linkages or exposed mechanisms
  • Completely clear space underneath when raised
  • A unique chair position for day-care, feeding, cognitive improvement, easy entry and egress
  • Ultra low height of 100mm when lowered, to eliminate bed falls injuries in the night

The Mattress…

  • Can be used as static or alternating
  • Eliminates the hassle of swapping foam mattresses for alternating air
  • Resolves storage and hygiene issues
  • Has an integral evacuation feature for emergencies