Platforms for Care

As part of the Careleda Group, our core seating ranges revolve around the concept of chairs being “Platforms for Care”. A lot of “specialist seating” ranges across the market, are essentially based on developments in domestic seating, adapted for medical needs. Platforms for Care however, break the mould of traditionally upholstered seating. Here are the key principles:

✓Modular construction built around a configurable chassis

✓Able to adapt over time to suit changing clinical needs

✓Designs based around the “job to be done”, patient and carer centric solution

Seating for Intensive Care

Sertain™ S4401STD Intensive Care and Trauma Chair (160kg SWL)

The S4401 is an advanced care chair, designed in conjunction with Critical Care, Trauma and Rehab Professionals, as a Platform for Care and Early Mobility.
✓ Easily, quickly and safely mobilise critical care and trauma patients
✓ Eliminate hoist transfers
✓ Enable early rehab with the Sertain® Platform for Care
✓ Establish a shorter length of stay on ITU

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Fully featured ITU and Early Mobilisation Chair

Sertain™ S4401 Std Chair – seamless pressure care upholstery

Individual recline, seat tilt and legrest elevation

Width adjustable and removable armrests

Match the height of the bed with electric hi-lo

Easy lateral transfers at a good working height

Comfortable, easy to use and mobile

Sertain™ S4327 Intensive Care and Trauma Chair (160kg SWL)

The S4327 Care Chair is an alternative version of the S4401 chair at a slightly lower price point, due to the fact that it has a manually operated backrest and no shoulder wings.

In all other aspects, the S4327 is very similar, with:

✓100% layflat positioning

✓Full length pressure care

✓Removable armrests

✓300mm of electric height adjustment

S4327 Chair with 100% layflat and hi-lo

Adjustable legrest

Sertain™ S4401LGE Bariatric Intensive Care and Trauma Chair (300kg SWL)

A bariatric version of our standard S4401 chair, the LGE version is for the larger patient, and will take up to 300kg. It has a wider seat, that can be altered in width – see brochure download for full specification.

This version is very useful as a tool for therapy, care and nursing staff to carry out hoist free transfers and early mobilisation within critical care or surgical recovery, for the larger patient.

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✓Eliminates hoist dependency

✓Enables slide / lateral transfers

✓Promotes earlier mobilisation, patient safety and comfort, and back care / ergonomics

Width adjustable and removable armrests

Pressure Care and Comfort

Trendelenburg facility for safety in Critical Care

300mm of hi-lo adjustment for ergonomics

Easy lateral transfers at a good working height

Removable arms and fold away wings open up access for transfers and care tasks

Sertain™ S4100EW Bariatric High Dependency Care Chair (350kg SWL)

The S4100EW chair is one of the most popular bariatric acute care chairs on the UK rental market, with most of the main bariatric providers using our unique platform. The S4100EW is designed to provide seating comfort with dignity for the largest service users, and will take up to 350kg (55 stone) and has a configurable seat width between 700mm (28″) up to 914mm (36″).

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S4100EW was one of our first layflat chairs, allowing intubation to take place, offering enhanced safety in Critical Environments

Individual control over tilt, recline and legrest

Easy to clean with modular construction

700mm – 915mm seat width

Mobilise Thekla 3 Mobilisation Chair and Tilt Table (200kg SWL)

The Thekla 3 is an amazing Early Mobilisation platform and is in use in many of the UK’s leading NHS trusts; it combines the ability to function seamlessly as a tilt table, a lateral transfer surface, a tilt in space chair and as a therapy platform – all without awkward switching between modes!

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The Thekla 3 has all these benefits:

✓100% layflat facility

✓Tilt in space seating

✓Tilt table to 48° or 85°

✓The following movements are possible: “seated to supine”, “supine to seated”, “supine to tilt table”, “tilt table to supine”, “seated to tilt table” (stand up function), “tilt table to seated” (sit down function”

CPR Position

Tilt / Stand Position

Going into tilt table from seated

Tilt in space

Sit to stand function

85 degree tilt table therapy – very stable platform

Seated to standing – weight bearing therapy

Seating for Day Case Procedures

Sertain™ Day Case Procedure Care Chair

Save time, space and multiple patient transfers with our Sertain® Day Surgery Chairs. Increase throughput and get more capacity out of your existing floorspace with our compact Platform for Care, used in:

✓ Endoscopy  ✓ Gynaecology  ✓ Biopsy ✓ Recovery rooms ✓ Pain clinics ✓ Investigations units

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Reduce equipment surfaces and unnecessary transfers.

“I suggested what would work for us, you listened and went the extra mile to
deliver exactly what I was looking for, a massive thank you.”

Ward ManagerDay Case Unit (IPU), The Christie, Manchester

Seating for HDU and Wards

TX25 and TX26 Multifunctional Care Chair

The TX25 and TX26 chairs are very popular within both high dependency and general wards, and share the following attributes:

✓Height adjustable and mobile

✓No seams or velcro in the construction, for excellent infection control

✓Near layflat positioning (160°) and drop down armrests

✓Moulded visco-elastic cushioning

✓Fold away transit footplates

✓135kg SWL

What’s the difference between them?

  1. The TX25E is fully electric whereas the TX26 is manual
  2. The TX25E has recline, hi-lo and legrest elevation; the TX26 also has tilt in space

Seamless upholstery

160 degree – near layflat position

Drop down armrests

Numerous options, including IV Support

Meal / activity tray

Oxygen bottle carrier

Optional headrest cushion

16 colour options but blue and red are the most popular!

TX15 Multifunctional Ward Chair

The TX15 uses the identical upholstery and cushioning concept as the TX25 and TX26 chairs (seamless, velcro free) but does not have height adjustment. The TX15 is available as both a static and a mobile version and also with or without an elevating legrest.

Both versions recline to 160 degrees

TX15 Mobile

TX15 Static

Regency R2900D Layflat Care Chair (180kg SWL)

The Regency R2900 is a development of our very first high dependency care chair, and the first comfortable, tilt in space chair ever, with a 100% layflat facility. Still valid within the high dependency or critical care environment, the layflat feature enables emergency procedures such as intubation to take place, saving valuable minutes.

✓ 100% layflat

✓ Backrest recline, seat tilt and elevating legrest

✓ 180kg SWL – the highest in its class

✓ Drop down or (optional) removable arms

✓ Full length pressure care

The arms and wings move away to facilitate patient access and easy transfers

100% layflat for in-chair intubation

Seating for Long Term Care

Regency Rio Chair

The Rio chair is comfortable and durable, very easy to move and designed as a general use chair within stroke / frail elderly care.

✓ 160kg SWL

✓ 160 degrees – near layflat

✓ Backrest recline, seat tilt, elevating legrest