Simplicity is Safety in the Mental Health Older Adults setting

Working with mental health for older adults services has taught us that simplicity is safety.

Without compromising on strength or functionality, our MHOA bed has a skeletal frame, concealed cabling and when raised up, all you’ll see beneath is free floor space – no trailing cables or linkages.


A low height of just 10cm eliminates the risks associated with bed falls at night.

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For feeding, administering medication and mobilising to and from bed, the autochair function is a winner.


For the ultimate in simplicity, when the bed is used with our Combi-Air mattress, there is now no need for cumbersome swapping between foam and mattresses – just add a pump to upgrade the static mattress to Very High Risk alternating. This also eliminates space and hygiene issues with foam mattress standby storage.


If your residents and staff would benefit from trialling a bed solution that promotes Safety through Simplicity, please contact our team and we’ll be glad to arrange this for you.